Emily Isom

Emily Isom

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Client Outreach

Meet Emily, the dynamo with a heart as big as her ambition! With a background as diverse as a buffet spread, she's blended her passion for helping and educating people seamlessly into the realms of restaurant management and the property and casualty insurance industry.

As a seasoned maestro in the restaurant industry, Emily has orchestrated not just the perfect dish but also a symphony of service, proving that a dash of passion can turn any meal into a memorable experience. Transitioning to the world of property and casualty insurance, she's become the guardian angel of financial matters, ensuring people are not just covered but comprehensively protected.

Emily doesn't just serve clients; she crafts experiences. With a special touch that can turn transactions into tales, she adds a unique excitement to content creation, turning it into a delightful blend of education and entertainment—what she fondly calls "edutainment."

In the world of financial intricacies and policy complexities, Emily is the guide who makes sure the journey is not just safe but also enlightening. She believes in empowering others with knowledge, turning the often-daunting process of insurance into an engaging learning experience.

Beyond her professional prowess, Emily finds joy in the simple moments spent with her son, David. It's not just about numbers and policies; it's about building a secure future while cherishing the present.

So, if you're looking for someone to demystify insurance, infuse excitement into education, and add a dash of warmth to your financial journey, Emily is your go-to guru. Because for her, it's not just about protecting assets; it's about safeguarding dreams and ensuring that every step towards financial security is a step filled with knowledge, care, and a touch of joy.